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Abbott, Lyn ? Photo Reproduction See Update #44. Wife of Ron.
Abbott, Ron 1966-1973 Driver, Gen Deliveries See Update #33
Adam, Norman Allison Shedden 1935-1936 Pilot See Update #108
Adams, Edge 1952-1957 Engineer Licence No 3844. Left for Qantas as Flt Eng. See Update #53
Aitchison, Dave 1965-1966 Camera Op See Update #24 & 27
Ambler, Pat 1970 Photogrammetry? See Update #113
Anderson, Gordon 1957 Engineer .
Annabel, Gordon early 50s-mid 1960 Photogrammetry See Update #33
Antrobus, Tom 1955 Fitter/Machinist .
Arnold, Hannah 1965 Office Worked for Adastra Hunting Geophysics converting data into maps. See Update #119
Ashby, Mavis 1970 Photogrammetry? See Update #113
Bagot, Harold Stewart 1966 . Died in crash of Viscount VH-RMI on 22SEP66. See Update #72
Bailey, Fred 1966-1972 Engineer See Note 2
Baker, Abe 1967-1968 Engineer See Update #29 & #66
Baker, Alan 1969-1970 Engineer See Update #66
Baker, Barrie C. 1965 Engineer See Update #70
Baker, Robin 1966-1973 Repro Camera See Update #33 & #84
Barday, Joyce 1970 Photogrammetry? See Update #113
Barnard, D. 1952 Pilot See Update #64
Barrel, Tim 1970 Hangar Engineer .
Barry, Dave 1965 Navigator See Update #24
Barth, Dave 1967-1969 Camera Op. See Update #24
Bartlett, Lyn ? Drawing Office See Update #44
Batho, John 1967 Navigator See Update #24
Beal, Don 1955-1962 Engineer .
Beale, Bruce 1968-1970 A.P.R. Op/Pilot Biography
Bell, Bob 1952 Pilot (Anson) See Update #59
Bennett, Madeline 1966-1976 Photographic Married Warren Ide. See Update #33
Bertles, John 1957-1959 Electronic Geophysical Compilation See Update #17 Biography
Bigg, Gordon 1945-1952 Pilot See Update #58 Biography Passed away 14FEB08.
Bland, David 1966-1968 Pilot (Hudson) Served April 1966 to July 1968. See Update #31. Passed away 03OCT20.
Bleazby, Bob 1974 Navigator Note 10
Blown, Philip 1965 Pilot (Hudson) See Update #24 & #105
Bone, Howard . . .
Booth, Dorothy 1950-mid 1973 Drawing Office Asst. See Update #33
Boughton, Rick 1957-1958 Navigator See Update #33
Bowles, Wal 1960-1964 Pilot Passed away at Nambucca Heads on 22AUG11.
Boxner, Dennis 1958 Photographic See Update #33
Bray, Bill 1973 Pilot (DC-3) See Update #42
Brennan, Dave 1967 Pilot (DC-3) See Note #2. See Update #24
Bringolf, Allan 1963-1966 Geophysics & Camera Operator See Update #24 & 73 & 83.
Brisley, Barbara 1970 Photogrammetry? See Update #113
Brock, Len ? Photogrammetry See Update #44
Brodie, John R. 1967 Camera Operator See Update #85
Bruckhauser, Nev 1930s to 1940s. Pilot Note 5 Biography
Burgess, Tony Nov 59 to Jul 65 Camera Op./Nav. See Update #79
Bushby, Geoff 1965 Camera Op./Nav. See Note #2. See Update #24
Carpenter, Robert 1954-1956 Darkroom Attendant See Update #90
Carpenter, Tom June 1945-1952 Chief Field Engineer Appointed Chief Field Engineer 1951. Note 8
Carrol, T.E. 1966 Field Engineer See Update #67
Cattanach, Alan "Pappy" 1956 Engineer Licence No 2489
Chambers, Bill 1954-1973 Engineer/Sheet Metal See Update #92
Chambers, Mona 1958-1973 Photographic Bill Chambers' wife. See Update #33
Charlwood,George Robert 1945-51 & 52-56 Engineer Note 7 See Update #46
Chinner, R. . Administrative Manager Named in an amendment to a post 1973 brochure.
Clark, Darryl 1975-1976 Photogrammetry See Update #41 & 47.
Clark, Geoff late 1950s Head Draughtsman See Update #33
Clarke, ? 1930s Pilot See Update #41
Clayton, "Skeeter" 1964-1965 Engineer See Update #48
Collins, John 1960-1975 Camera Op./Pilot Later pilot on the Aero Commander and C210. See Update #31. Passed away on 21JUN20.
Collis, Christine 1969-1974 Secretary Jack McDonald's Secretary
Connor, Kevin late 1950s Draughtsman Won Archibald Prize in 1975 & 1977. See Update #33
Connors, Lyn 1970 Photogrammetry? See Update #113
Constentino, Joe late 1950s Draughtsman See Update #33
Cooper, Keith J. 1962-1966 Pilot .
Corrigan, Harold 1957 Camera Op. Died in crash of Hudson VH-AGO on 24JUN57.
Costello, Brian 1967-1970 Pilot Passed away on 29MAR21 aged 79.
Cowan, Peter 1974-1976 Navigator Note 10
Cozens, Bob 1959 Engineer (Catalina) Licence No 3862 Biography
Craigie, Alan R. 1970 Pilot (C185 VH-AGE) See Update #51.
Crutchfield, George 1965 Pilot (DC-3) See Update #73
Cumberland, Jan 1972-1976 Drawing Office See Update #44 & 47
Curry, Kath 1965-1970 Accounts See Update #17. See Update #33
Cuthbertson, Tom 1946 Navigator See Update #65 & 103. Passed away on 01NOV12.
Dannecker, Ben 1973 Pilot .
Darcey, Dean 1958 Camera Op. Passed away 11MAR06.
Davies, Ian Note 2 Camera Op. .
Davies, Mike 1967-1971 Photographic See Update #33
Davis, Barry 1956 Engineer .
Deagan, Brian 1961-1966 Driver. Gen deliveries See Update #33
Doig, Peter ? Surveyor See Update #47
Duncan, George 1957 Engineer (Prince) .
Dunn, Geoff 1970 Camera Op. .
Dunne DFC, R.A. "Arch" 1948 Pilot See Update #111
Duroe (later Martin), Ann 1965 Office Worked for Adastra Hunting Geophysics converting data into maps. See Update #118
Eastwood (first name unknown) 1970 Photogrammetry? See Update #113
Edwards, Graham 1966-1967 Engineer See Update #51
Edwards, Neil Note 2 Engineer .
Ellerton, John 1974-1975 Navigator See Update #31
El Hennawi, Rafik 1967 Engineer See Note #2. See Update #24
Elliot, Trevor ? Accountant See Update #47
Ellis, Fred Note 2 Camera Op. .
Ellis, Nancy Note 2 Camera Op. Not Nancy Leebold (nee Ellis) who flew Lodestars with Lionel.
Esser, Helmut 1966 Engineer See Update #31
Everingham, Denise ? Drawing Office See Update #44
Farmer, N.E. 1966 Engineer Licence No N10/66
Ferguson, Jan 1956-1959 Switchboard See Update #33
Fitzpatrick, Frank ? Photo Lab Assistant See Update #47
Follett, Captain Frank William 1930-1950 Managing Director Company founder (1892-1950). Died on 25OCT50. Biography
Follett, Miss Evelyn Mary 1930-1973 Director Frank's sister (1902-1977). Note 4 Biography
Forsyth, Don 1968-1970 approx Pilot, DC-3 See Update #77
Frewin, Jan late 1950s Drawing Office Asst. See Update #33
Fuller, Zandra 1961-1963 Draughting Asst. See Update #33
Furze, Dion 1974 Navigator/Camera Op. See Update #62
Garriock, Alex 1966 Pilot, DC-3 See Update #29. Three month contract flying VH-AGU at Roper Bar while on leave from Airlines of NSW. Now deceased.
Garroway, Max 1956 Pilot Passed away 13MAR04.
Geary, Richard 1966-1969 Pilot Served 06SEP66 to 10NOV69.
Gibbons, Clive 1957-1963 Engineer Licensed on Anson, Hudson, R-1820, R-1830.
Gillies, Don 1949 Hangar Boy See Update #71.
Glassey, G.A. Dick 1955-1956 Pilot Flew Hudsons. "Balus I" p. 254.
Goldsworthy, Dave Note 2 Electronics .
Goode, Ray 1959 Engineer .
Gordon, Leon 1954 Pilot See Update #38
Gosher, John mid 1950s Adastra/Hunting? See Update #33
Goss, Meg . . Married Philip van Gelderen.
Gow, Bill 1953 Photo Lab .
Grandison, Jim 1967 Engineer See Update #24 & #29
Gregory, Bruce 1957-? Pilot Passed away in 1985.
Gregory, Pat 1965 Camera Op. See Update #34. Biography
Gurr, Tom J. . Sales Consultant Named in a post 1973 brochure.
Gwen (surname unknown) ? Tea Lady See Update #44. Nickname "Fruity".
Hall, Leslie Nov59-Mar60 Electronics Engineer See Update #68
Halloran, Steve 1955 Technician See Update #42
Hamblett, Brian 1962 Camera Op. .
Hammond O.B.E., Gp Capt Henry Talbot "Bunny" 1930-32/1950- Managing Director Retired as M.D. 01JAN62 and appointed as Consultant Director. Note 9 Died 28SEP82.
Hampshire, John Note 2 Pilot Ex Qantas.
Hancock, Harry 1960 Senior Geophysicist See Update #33. Married Kath Howarth.
Hardy, Des 1960 Engineer Licence No 4642
Harrison-Williams, Ron 1966 Pilot (Hudson) See Update #88. Passed away on 04JAN13.
Hay, Bill 1967 Pilot (Hudson) See Note #2. See Update #24
Hay, Len 1958 Drafting/Reproduction .
Haynes, Eric 40s-50s Chief Engineer Note 8 Note 9
Head, Jock 1970-1976 Pilot (C320) Note 10 Flew C185, C206, C320 & AC500. Passed away at Port Macquarie on 14AUG18. Refer Update #121. Biography
Helliwell, Max 1955 Hangar Engineer .
Henderson, Bill 1964 Navigator See Update #45
Henry, Hank G. 1930s Pilot See Update #41
Henshall, Colin Note 2 Pilot (DC-3) .
Herbst, Ernie early 1970s Paymaster See Update #33
Heussner, Dennis mid 60s Photogrammetrist See Update #27. Passed away 06JUL12. See Update #101
Hilferty, Jim 1957 Engineer Licence No 4466
Holland, Glenis 1958 Geophysical Data Reducer See Update #37. Married John Bertles.
Hohnen, Bill 1955-1965 Photo Lab See Update #32
Holstock, Graham 1957 Navigator Died in crash of Hudson VH-AGO on 24JUN57.
Hooker, Peter 1958 Camera Op. .
Horne, Sue 1970 Photogrammetry? See Update #113
Howard, Jack 1948 Pilot Died in crash of Snowy Mountains Authority Pilatus Porter VH-SMB at Cooma on 20MAY76.
Howarth, Kath . Office See Update #42. Married Harry Hancock.
Howe, Barry A. . Reduction Mgr In a post 1973 brochure is Administrative Manager. An amendment to the same brochure names him as Operations Manager.
Howle, Len 1953 Camera Op. .
Hushon Brown, Frank 1970 Hangar Engineer .
Ide, Warren 1956-1976 Photogrammetry .
James, 1967 Camera Op. See Update #24
Jelfs, Brian 1957-1972 Photogrammetry See Update #44 & 47
John, Mike 1974-1975 Navigator Note 10 See Update #31
Johnson, Paul 1975 Pilot (C206) See Update #31
Jones, Patricia mid 60s Office See Update #17
Jones, Russ FEB-SEP 1965 Photographic Section See Update #112
Jubow, Bevin 1965 Navigator See Update #24
Keeling, Bob 1955 Pilot (Prince) See Update #25
Keeling, Ernie 1958 Engineer See Update #22
Kellaway, Bill 1957 Technician .
Kenny, Jack Note 4. Surveyor Ex Asst Chief Surveyor, NSW Electricity Commission. Note 4
Kerr, Peter 1961-1963 Apprentice See Update #23
Killingsworth, Bob 1957-1973 Photo Reproduction See Update #33
Kilsby, Sylvia 1965 Switch See Update #17
King, Bonnie 1970 Accounts See Update #33
Kirby, 1967 Engineer See Update #24
Kirkness, Ken 1959-1970 Photo Reproduction See Update #33
Knight, Roger 1970 Engineer .
Kofahl, Niels 1966-1967 Electronic Engineer See Update #26
Le Compte, Ron 1960 Photo Lab See Update #32
Lees, Brian 1972-1973 Camera Op. (C206) See Update #19 Biography
Lenon, Brian . Draughtsman/Surveyor See Update #17
Lenon, Mavis ? Drawing Office See Update #44. Wife of Brian.
Lewis, Albert "Alby" 1930-1936 Chief Engineer See Update #130
Lewis, Miles 21MAY65 - Pilot (DC-3) See Update #24 & #73
Liardet, Mark Note 3 Camera Op. .
Linfoot, Joe 1957 Pilot Died in crash of Hudson VH-AGO on 24JUN57.
Linfoot, Geoff 1970 Engineer Joe Linfoot's nephew.
Love, Bob 1956 Pilot (Cat) Married Jeanette Pearson.
Lymath, Len 1930s Pilot See Update #41
Lynam, Walter late 1950s Director See Update #40
Lyons, H.M. . General Manager Named in an amendment to a post 1973 brochure.
MacNeill, Ian 03NOV73-26AUG76 Pilot Pilot on Beech Bonanza. Note 10
Magee, Martin William Philip "Mick" late 1950s-1960 Pilot (Anson) Started as Camera Op, became Anson pilot early 1960s. See Update #33 Passed away 02DEC15.
Mallon, Trevor 1965-1967 Camera Op/Navigator See Update #24 & Update #61
Marty, Bob 1967-1968 Pilot Served 10FEB67 to 11MAY68. Biography
Mayman, Peter 1956 Technician See Update #43
Mayne, Peter early 1970s Navigator/Camera Op. See Update #62
McCarthy, John 1951-1976 Photogrammetrist Deceased. Note 4
McDermott, Lyn ? Drawing Office See Update #44
McDonald, Jack 1953 Chief Engineer Licence No 2080. Note 8 Note 9
McGrath, Brian Note 2 Pilot .
McHarg, Robert 1968-1972 Photogrammetry See Update #44 & 47
McInnes, Neil 1957 Pilot See Update #22
McKenzie, Ted 1955 Ops Manager Passed away on 22MAY12.
McKenzie-Smith, Owen 1965-1966 Engineer See Smith, Owen.
McKinley, Hal 1956-1969 Navigator See Update #61
Mee, Vince 1957 Engineer Later Flt Eng with TAA/Australian/Qantas (?)
Melzig (nee Krygowska), Mira 1962-1965 Geophysical Data Compilation See Updates #17 & 123
Merrill, Ken ? Camera Op. See Update #44
Messenger, John Note 3 Navigator Later pilot on the Aero Commander.
Mickavic, Boris late 1950s Draughtsman See Update #33
Middleton, Derek 1955 Engineer (Prince) See Update #25
Miller, Maurie 1955-1966 Technician Biography Passed away on 04NOV12.
Mills, Joe ? Photogrammetry See Update #44
Minjoy, Frank 1955 Pilot .
Minter, Derek 1972 Technician Biography
Mitchell, Bill 1958 Engineer Licence No 2676
Mitchell, Bob 1951 Pilot See Update #64. See F.R. Mitchell below. Same person?
Mitchell, F.R. 1930s Pilot See Update #41. See Bob Mitchell above. Same person?
Moase, Dick . Navigator Note 5
Moggs, Norm 1951 Engineer See Update #64
Mohr, Cec 1953-1973 Storeman See Update #107
Moles, James 1966 Technician Died in crash of Hudson VH-AGE on 24SEP66.
Montgomery, Robert 1969-1971 Photographic See Update #33 & #109
Mooney, Peter 1972-1974 Pilot (C206) See Update #63
Morrel, Harry 40s-60s Accountant Stores Purchasing Officer in 1953. Note 7
Morrell, Miss Madge 1951 Company Secretary Note 4 Note 9
Motteram, Allen George 1955-1958 Pilot Died in crash of Hudson VH-AGG on 08JUN58. See Update #80
Murphy, Eric 1953 Engineer Note7 Licence No 1865
Murphy, Patrick Joseph 1958 Navigator. Died in crash of Hudson VH-AGG on 08JUN58.
Murray, John 1970-1973 Navigator/Camera Op. See Update #62
Murray, Kevin 1953 Photogrammetry In a post 1973 brochure is Production Manager.
Murrell, Gordon 1958 Camera Op. Died in crash of Hudson VH-AGG on 08JUN58.
Nancarrow, John 1950s Hangar Engineer See Update #53
Nelson, Reg 1962-1968 Technician See Update #89
Nettleship, Gordon 1957 Pilot (Catalina) .
Nicholls, Lance 1976 Navigator See Update #88
Nosworthy, Clyde 1954-1973 Engineer Licence No 1067. Hangar Foreman. Top man on wood, fabric and cables. Worked for Adastra until his death in 1973.
Nosworthy, Graham Oct-Nov 1965 Engineer Licence No N10099. Clyde's son. Joined Qantas in December 1965.
O'Connor, Pat 1965-1966 Camera Op See Update #78
O'Donnell, Maurie 1957 Camera Op See Update #22
O'Hehir, Brian 1972-1976 Photogrammetry See Update #44 & 50
O'Keefe, John 1964 Camera Op See Update #79
Ollssen, Pam (Miss) 1970 APR plotting .
Owen, Joyce 1954-1973 Photographic Frank Schneider's mother-in-law. See Update #33
Page, Jim 1968-1973 Apprentice Engineer See Update #94
Palmer, Al 1955 Electronics (Prince) See Update #25
Pares, Lou B. . General Manager Appointed G.M. 01JAN62. Named as Executive Director in an amendment to a post 1973 brochure. Deceased.
Patterson, Ray 1959-1962 Photographic ex RAAF Photo. See Update #33
Pavlich, Kevin 1957-1963 Camera Op./Navigator Biography
Payens, Peter 1935-1949 Camera Op./Navigator Note 5
Pearce, Joan 1950-1962 Photographic See Update #33
Pearce, Rene mid 1950s Front Office Singer at Adastra functions. See Update #33
Pearce, Ron 1967 Pilot (Hudson) See Note #2. See Update #24
Pearson, Jeanette 1957 Office See Update #22. Married Bob Love.
Petersen, Vic 1967 Camera Op./Nav. See Note #2. See Update #24
Phipps, Elmo 1960 Camera Op. .
Predivic, Goldie ? Draftsman See Update #44
Predmestin, 1965 Navigator See Update #24
. . . .
Reid, R. 1958 Pilot Note 6
Rennick, Bob . . .
Rhodes, Brian 1961 Camera Op. See Update #45
Richards, Dave 1972 Geophysicist See Update #49
Richards, Ken 1955-1959 Technician Refer Imelda Russell.
Robbie, Bill Nov 40-Mar 41 Hangar Boy See Update #76
Roberts, Ted 1956 Technician See Update #37
Rodoni, Norm 1935-1941 Pilot/Engineer Note 5
Rowland, Chris 1972 Data Processor See Update #53
Rowlands, Ken Feb 1957-1966 Pilot Died in crash of Hudson VH-AGE on 24SEP66.
Rowston, Robert 1966 Pilot Died in crash of Hudson VH-AGE on 24SEP66.
Russell, Imelda 1958 Office Married Ken Richards. See Update #37.
Russell, Vivienne late 60s-early 70s Drawing Office See Update #52
Ryan, Ray 1966-1967 Camera Op. Served on Hudsons AGS, AGX, SMO. Wewak/Madang/Mt Hagen/Goroka/Lae/Mt Isa/Horn Island.
Rznecheck, Edmond 1962-1973 Cleaner See Update #33
Sander, Bill 1965 Navigator/Camera Op See Update #61
Sasin, M. 1953 Engineer Note 7
Sawtell, Stewart Oswald 'Stewy' 1951-1956 Navigator/Camera Op See Update #91
Schneider, Frank 1965 Photographic Mgr See Update #4.
Schneider, Judy 1950s Photographic Frank Schneider's wife, Joyce Owen's daughter. See Update #40
Schneider, Marie mid 1950s Front Office Frank's sister. See Update #33
Schroeder, Carl 1965 Engineer See Update #66
Scott, Doug 1962 A.P.R. Op. .
Scott, Sylvia MAR63-MAY68 Secretary Jack McDonald's secretary. Married Trevor Sheffield in NOV65.
See Update #74
Seaman, Ken 1951 Chief Photogrammetrist Note 4
Sellick, Bruce 1958-1962 Pilot Passed away 11MAR05. Biography
Sheffield, Les 26MAR54 - 1966 Engineer Licence No 2526. Died in crash of Hudson VH-AGE on 24SEP66. Biography
Sheffield, Sylvia MAR63-MAY68 Secretary Jack McDonald's secretary. See Sylvia Scott. Married Trevor Sheffield in NOV65. See Update #74
Sheffield, Trevor 1964-1965 Technician Les Sheffield's son. Passed away on 27JAN16.
Shepherd, Beverley (Mr) 1936 Pilot "Flypast" p.123.
Shute, Peter 1968-1973 Navigator Biography
Slater, Elaine 1965 Pay Clerk See Update #119
Smee, George Ernest 1961 Pilot Passed away in 1995.
Smith, Alan Brierley 1947-1948 Engineer See Update #43 Biography
Smith, Brian 1961-1963 Engineer Licence No Q8003. See Update #23.
Smith, Owen 1965-1966 Engineer Licence No N160/65. Left for Helicopter Utilities in 1966. Also known as Owen McKenzie-Smith. Photo
Smith, Phil 1974 Pilot (C206) Note 10
Snape, Les 1962 Technician Died 27JAN10. See Update #96.
Snell, Ken 1960-1971 Photographic Started colour photography, later moved to Bond Colour. See Update #33
Spencer, Neil 1974 Navigator/Camera Op. See Update #62
Stack, Gordon 1954-1957 Photo Lab See Update #32
Stanford, Syd 1944-? Apprentice Engineer See Update #54
Stephens, Paul 1974-1975 Pilot See Update #99
Stevens, Phill 1955 Pilot/Nav. Flew Anson.
Stevenson, Linn (Ms) 1972 Cartographer See Update #116
Stone, K. 1953 Engineer Note 7
Stoudson, Dennis 1963-1965 Photographic See Update #33
Strahan, Alister late 1950s (?) Senior Draughtsman See Update #33
Stredwick, Ken 1956 Engineer Came out from UK on Prince ferry.
Tanner, Jack 1951-1976 Chairman of Directors. Frank Follett's brother-in-law. Note 4
Tarlton, Elaine late 1950s Drawing Office See Update #33
Taylor, Gordon 1956-1957 Pilot See Update #33
Taylor, Les 1958 Pilot Note 6
Thompson, Alf 1956 Engineer Licence No 1758
Thompson, Sue early 1970s Switchboard See Update #33
Thomson,Sid 1966-1974 Technician See Update #95
Tidey, Joe 1957 Navigator ex RAN.
Tierney, Jack 1955 Navigator .
Tipton, Sue 1970 Photogrammetry? See Update #113
Toland, Danny 1954 Sheet Metal Worker .
Townsend, Bruce 1965-1967 Photographic See Update #55
Townsend, Jack 1965 Reproductions Mgr See Update #4.
Tutungi, Barry 50s Engineer Previously an Apprentice.
Urquhart, David early 1960s-1973 Draughtsman See Update #33
van Gelderen, Philip 1967 Pilot (DC-3) See Note #2. See Update #24
Van Praag, Lionel 1962-1968 Chief Pilot Biography
Van Praag, Barry 1965 Camera Op Lionel's son.
Vinks, John 1961-1970 Photogrammetry See Update #44 & 47 & 113
von Ploennies, David 1966 Navigator Died in crash of Hudson VH-AGE on 24SEP66.
Wakker, John early 1970s Company Secretary See Update #33
Walker, Allan 1965-1966 Pilot Hudson & DC-3. See Update #19.
Waller, Barbara 1970 Photogrammetry? See Update #113
Walsh, Rob late 1950s Ground Mag Operator See Update #33
Wandrak, Frank 1967-1973 Photographic Possibly took-over from Frank Schneider. See Update #33
Warham, Yvonne 1961-1973 Photographic See Update #33
Watts, Greg 1968 Engineer See Update #87
Wenham, Doug (Conrad) 1966-1967 Technician/Camera Op See Note #2. See Update #24 & #89
Wenham, Jon 1967 Camera Op See Note #2. See Update #24 & #89
Whitford, J.R. 1930s Pilot See Update #41
Whitworth, Alex 1966-1975 Navigator Biography
Whybrow, Tony OCT65-MAR66 Pilot (C-180) See Update #61. See Update #81.
Wicks, 1967 Engineer See Update #24
Williams, Nev 1968-1970 Engineer Halls Creek 68 and Weipa (AGX) 69. See Update #19. See Update #77. Licence No 6880 Biography
Williams, Robyn 1964-1971 Photographic See Update #33
Williams, Roy 1960s Pilot (DC-3 & C320) See Update #24 & #82. Passed away 08SEP12.
Willis, Ken ? Chief Draftsman See Update #44
Wills, Tony 20OCT66-05NOV66 Nav/Camera Op See Update #54
Wiltshire, Bill 1962 Engineer .
Wilson, Bob 1956 Camera Op See Update #40
Wilson, John 1965-1976 Photographic See Update #41
Wilson, Scotty 1957 Engineer .
Windross, Allen 1954-1965 Act Photographic Mgr See Update #32
Wondrach, Frank 1971-1976 Process Camera Operator See Update #131
Wood, Allen 1950s Hangar Engineer See Update #53
Wood, J. 1962 Co. Secretary Appointed 01JAN62.
Wood, Mike 1955-1975 Navigator Later Operations Manager. Passed away in Sydney on 08FEB12.
Wood, Peter 1962-1966 Photogrammetry Deceased 1966. See Update #106
Worsfold, Stan 1960-1966 Photogrammetry See Update #57
Woyzbun, Peter 1960 Technical Manager Passed away peacefully in Canberra 31OCT13 aged 85.
. . . .
Yeo, Bruce 1967 Navigator See Update #24 & #106
Yorke, Gordon C. 1974 Operations Manager Letter to Alex Whitworth dated 17DEC74. See Update #31
Young, Roger 1966-1967 Navigator See Update #29 & #110
. . . .




Where a single year is shown in the service column, full years of service are unknown but the staff member is known to have been with the company in the year shown.
Contemporary of Alex Whitworth who served 1966-1972 and who contributed these names.
Contemporary of Bruce Beale who served 1968-1970 and who contributed these names.
Derived from John McCarthy's "Story of Adastra" published in 1996.
Derived from "A camera in the sky - The life of Peter Volkert Payens" by Dora Payens and Tom Jenkins ISBN 0-646-40776-7 published in 2000.
Spelling changed to Bruchhauser 06JUN04.
Derived from an internal DCA memo dated 27FEB58 listing Adastra pilots. (NAA C273/210 1956/455).
Derived from the reply to an internal DCA memo dated 17AUG53 listing Adastra engineers (NAA C273/210 1956/455).
Derived from a letter to DCA from Adastra dated 07MAR51. Advises DCA that Eric Haynes, formerly Chief Engineer, has been appointed Works Manager, Jack McDonald has been appointed Chief Engineer and T.W. Carpenter has been appointed Chief Field Engineer.
(NAA C4281/17 1A, 4A, 41A 127/1/76).
Derived from a letter to DCA from Adastra dated 06FEB52 advising following officers:
General Manager: Captain H.T. Hammond O.B.E.
Company Secretary: Miss M. Morrell
Works Manager: Mr. E.G. Haynes
Chief Engineer: Mr. J. McDonald
(NAA C4281/17 1A, 4A, 41A 127/1/76).
Appeared on Aircraft and Crew Movements roster dated 24APR74. See Update #13.




Frank Wondrach advises that he was with the Photographic and Reprographic section from May 1971 to April 1976 as a Process Camera Operator, from there he went to the Dept of Main Roads.


Georgia Reeves advises that her great Uncle Albert "Alby" Lewis was chief engineer at Adastra for six years in the 1930s. He was Bunny Hammond's engineer during the 1920s when they went barnstorming in rural towns across NSW, QLD and VIC.


Added Owen McKenzie-Smith who is also listed as Owen Smith. His family advises that he is now deceased.


Mike Costello advises that his father, Brian Costello, passed away peacefully on 29MAR21 aged 79.


Sandra Williams advises that her husband Roy Williams passed away on 08SEP12.


Katrina Henningham JP advises that her step-father David Bland passed away on 03OCT20.


We record the passing of John Collins on 21JUN20.


Updated the listing for Clive Gibbons from Phoenix, the journal of HARS. At the time of writing, Clive is a volunterr with HARS.


Mira Melzig was not married when she started at Adastra, her maiden surname was Krygowska and she may have continued to use that name whilst she was at Adastra. She was with Adastra from around 1962 to 1965. Update thanks to Doug Morrison.


Added further details on Frank and Evelyn Follett. Also added a link to a biography of Evelyn Follett.


Laurie McLean (former National Mapping) advises that Jock Maxwell Head (born 14 November 1946) passed away at Port Macquarie on 14 August 2018. After Adastra, Jock had flown with National Mapping as a staff pilot for a few years based in Melbourne. Later he moved to Broken Hill and then to Port Macquarie.


Jacqui Ross advises that her father, George Ernest Smee, passed away in 1995.


Ann Martin (nee Duroe) has added Hannah Arnold and Elaine Slater to the list.


Ann Martin (nee Duroe) advises that she worked for Adastra Hunting Geophysics in the Mascot office in 1965.


Recorded the passing of Peter Woyzbun on 31OCT13.


Linn Stevenson advises that she was employed by Adastra as a cartographer in 1972.


Fran Sheffield advises that her husband Trevor Sheffield passed away on 27JAN16.


Elmo Phipps advises that Mick Magee passed away in Melbourne on 02DEC15. Mick flew Ansons for Adastra and later flew for Cathay Pacific. He also served in the RAN and DCA.


Warren Ide has provided the following additions.

Mavis Ashby
Sue Tipton
Barbara Waller
Eastwood (first name unknown)
Barbara Brisley
Sue Horne
Joyce Barday
Pat Ambler
Lyn Connors

All are sourced from a card which was presented to John Vinks on his retirement from Adastra in 1970. There are 43 signatures on the card although 2 are illegible. It is not known which department these additional people worked in but presumably they were in Photogrammetry with John Vinks. Warren Ide recently visited John Vinks who is now aged 90.


Russ Jones advises that he worked in the Photographic Section from February to September 1965.


Added R.A. "Arch" Dunne, DFC as a pilot circa 1948. When interviewed by Greg Banfield for an article in "Aviation Heritage" (the Journal of the Aviation Historical Society of Australia, Vol 46 No 1, March 2015) Arch Dunne stated that he was employed by Adastra as a pilot "for a little while" before joining British Commonwealth Pacific Airlines. Earlier he had worked for the Australian agents for Fairchild aerial cameras.


Roger Young advises: "As an ex Fleet Air Arm Observer (Venoms, Vixens & Buccaneers) I was employed by Adastra as a Navigator for six months during 1966/1967. I flew with Rick Geary on Hudsons AGX/SMO from Merimbula. For my last couple of months I was with Rob Marty in Cessna DGD at Coffs Harbour, Brisbane and Taree. After leaving Adastra, I went into U.K. ATC. I finished my full time career as Manager, Aerodrome and Air Traffic Services at Hatfield Aerodrome. I still work part-time providing a Flight Information Service at Elstree Aerodrome - just North of London. I'm now 76".


Robert Montgomery advises that he was employed by Adastra as a Junior Photographic Assistant on 20JAN69 and left the company as a Process Camera Operator on 23JUL71.


Added Norm Adam (1905-1987) thanks to his daughter Karin McDonald. He left Adastra in 1936 and relocated to Melbourne to set up the aviation division for Brown & Dureau where he remained until retirement in 1970 as GeneralManager.


Added a contribution from Rosemary Peters: "I am the daughter of a former Adastra employee. My father was Cec Mohr. You have him listed as being employed from 1953 which is correct. He retired in 1973. He worked in the hanger as a Storeman and from the early 1960s he did some travelling as an assistant to the surveyors. He also did a lot of the cooking when they were camping. Some of the trips I remember him going on were to Port Hedland (they camped on Pippingarra Station - the family maintained years of contact with the station owner John Richardson and his family), Tennant Creek, Roma and Tasmania. My parents relocated to WA in 1986, Dad passing away on 8/2/05 and Mum in May this year. My fondest memories of Adastra were the wonderful Xmas parties they held for the kids."


Added Peter Wood and a first name for Bruce Yeo.Thanks to Warren Ide.


We have added a first name for Philip Blown, provided by his cousin Ken Watson.


We have received word that Ron Harrison-Williams (Hudson pilot circa 1966) passed away on 04JAN13.


Recorded the passing of Thomas McLachlan Cuthbertson on 01NOV12.


Recorded the passing of Maurie Miller on 04NOV12.


The "Southern Courier" of 24JUL12 records the passing of Dennis Heussner OAM on 06JUL12. "Just as the London Olympics are about to kick off the Maroubra Surf Club is mourning the loss of one of its members, Olympian Dennis Heussner. A top competitor, Heussner won 14 Australian titles in canoeing and represented Australia at two Olympics, 1972 and 1976. He was awarded an Order of Australia Medal in 2009 for his services to surf lifesaving and canoeing. Heussner won 15 Australian and 23 state board and ski championships. A natural lifesaver, he won six separate Australian long board championships and was a NSW ironman champion. He was inducted into the Randwick Hall of Fame in 1997 and the SLSA Hall of Fame in 2004. Maroubra Surf Club president Wayne Clare said: 'He was an exceptional competitor, however it was his role mentoring current competitors and future lifesavers where he will be greatly missed.' Heussner passed away on July 6 after suffering a long illness."


Recorded the passing of Ted McKenzie on 22MAY12.


Paul Stephens advises that he flew for Adastra after the Civil Aerial Surveys acquisition in 1974 but was retrenched the following year. He flew VH-CFV, KMF,CTR,DGD.


Sadly Mike Wood passed away in Sydney on 08FEB12.


Sadly Wal Bowles passed away at Nambucca Heads, NSW on 22AUG11.


Doug Morrison advises that Leslie Keith Snape died on 27 January 2010 aged 85.


The following has been received from Matt Thomson, second youngest son of Sid Thomson who worked for Adastra from 1966 til 1974. "Sadly I must inform you Sid passed away Saturday night 20 November 2010 at 2045. He passed peacefuly after a short battle with pulmonary fibrosis. Whilst in hospital we found your web site and it gave him great joy to see the photos and he told me some funny and interesting stories." Anyone who wishes to contact Matt should refer to the Webmaster.


Jim Page has updated his years of service.


Ian MacNeill has provided some details of his time with Adastra.


It has emerged that Bill Chambers accompanied Lionel Van Praag on the delivery flight of Hudson VH-AGJ to the Strathallan Museum in the UK in April 1973. Accordingly, his years of service have been amended to 1954-1973. Previously shown as a sheet metal worker, Rick Geary confirms that Bill was also an engineer.


Penny Stuckey advises that her father, Stewart Oswald Sawtell, flew for Adastra as a Navigator/Camera Op from 1951 until 1956. He was born in Kingaroy on 31 August 1927 and passed away on 14 January 2003. Although he was already on the list we have been able to add more detail thanks to Penny.


Robert Carpenter has contacted us to advise that he was a Darkroom Attendant with Adastra from 1954 to 1956. He has even identified himself in Album #1 photo N4. Good to hear from you Bob.


Conrad D Wenham has expanded and corrected the listings for himself, his brother Jon and Reg Nelson. Thanks Doug.


Neil Spencer has reminded us that Lance Nicholls was missing from the list. John Collins advises: "I am aghast about the omission of Lance Nicholls, one of the best navigators about, he could spend hours at altitude (17,000ft) without oxygen. Lance and I started Tucana Air Systems which Lance perservered with after we went our different ways. Last time I flew with Lance was 26/08/76 in Cessna 320 VH-DRK. This was possibly the swan song for Adastra ops."

John Collins has also added Ron Harrison-Williams. "I crewed with him at Rockhampton in AGE shortly before its demise. Ron was an ex Qantas radio operator who got his pilots licence after redundancy. I've no idea where he went from then."


Ron Pearce has highlighted the fact that engineer Greg Watts was not on the list even though there has been a photo of him on the site for some time.


The date of the crash of Hudson VH-AGO has been corrected from 01JUL57 to 24JUN57. This correction had been made elsewhere on the site some considerable time ago but this page slipped through the net. Thanks to Robyn Ellen for pointing it out.


John Brodie advises that he joined Adastra as a camera operator for five months in mid 1967.


Robin Baker has contacted us to contribute some memories of his time with Adastra.


Allan Bringolf advises that he was a geophysics and camera operator from 1963-1966. He flew in AGS, AGE, AGX, AGU, SMM and SMO on surveys of Leigh Creek, Weipa, Horn Island and Wewak NG


Sandra Williams advises that husband Roy is alive and well and living in the Atherton Tablelands. He has recently stopped flying due to hearing problems. He flew for Adastra in the 60s on oil search at Weipa, Katherine and Noumea, and on the Ikara project flying a Cessna 320. He flew for Qantas on Super Connies and was Transavia's test pilot for 13 years on the Airtruk.


Tony Whybrow advises that he joined Adastra in October 1965 flying the Cessna 180 VH-ASP out of Melbourne (his first aviation job), then 6 months as an Instructor with Civil Flying Services before returning to Sydney for 31 happy years with Qantas on DC-3, B707 and finally as a Captain on B747-400.


Sandra Motteram advises that her father, Allen George Motteram, was discharged from the RAAF at his own request on 07NOV55. It is believed that he joined Adastra soon after.


Tony Burgess advises that he was employed by Adastra from November 1959 until July 1965. Ted McMenzie promoted him from Camera Operator to Navigator in Wewak NG. in 1964. While in Wewak he trained a new Camera Operator in 1964, his name was John O'Keefe. He left that year and joined Ansett as a Co-pilot. Tony also trained another Camera Op. but he has forgotten his name. Like John O'Keefe he was only with Adastra a very short time. Tony is now retired after spending his working life after Adastra flying and training pilots in MMA.WA, Ansett WA, Malaysia Airlines and Rio Sul in Brazil. "My time with Adastra was the best."


Pat O'Connor advises that he was a Camera Operator with Adastra from 1965 to '66 initially on ground work for a Radist oil survey for WAPIT by DC-3 AGU from Cape Levique to Shark Bay WA, then Horn Island photo mapping PNG and The Great Barrier Reef on Hudson AGS, as well as photo mapping of the Canberra region on Hudson AG? out of Merimbula.


Nev Williams advises that he was with Adastra from 1968 to early 1970. He also advises that Don Forsyth was a co-pilot on the DC-3 from approximately 1968 to 1970 and may have also flown the Aero Commander. "As a result of John Messenger's accident we spent a lot of time at the AIM Hospital at Halls Creek and I married the Matron 15 months later. We have been living in Brisbane since 1970. Worked in General Aviation for a few years then as an Instructor for TAFE, finishing up as Principal Teacher Aircraft Section. Past 15 years saw us with our own business supporting Computer accounting systems and playing at retirement."


Bill Robbie advises that he commenced work with Adastra in November 1940 as a hangar boy at age 14. "I commenced work at 7 a.m. having ridden my bike from Balmain to Mascot one morning towards the end of November. As Hangar Boy, the first job every day was to sweep the hangar and workshop out, then graduate to menial jobs (like cleaning out the Waco or Dragonfly after someone had been airsick.) I only stayed 4 months and left in March 1941 to start radio training at Marconi School of Wireless." After a spell with DCA as an Aeradio Officer he joined Qantas and eventually retired in 1979 as a Boeing 747 captain.


Sandra Motteram advises that the correct spelling of her father's name is Allen Motteram.


Trevor Sheffield advises that Sylvia Scott was Jack McDonald's secretary from March 1963 to May 1968. She married Trevor Sheffield in November 1965.


Barrie Baker recalls that George Crutchfield was a co-pilot on DC-3 VH-AGU at Weipa in 1965. He was previously on the list as G. Clutchfield. Barrie has also provided a first name for Miles Lewis who was a captain on the DC-3 at the same time. Between them, Barrie and Kevin Pavlich have come up with a first name for Allan Bringolf who was also known as "Bluebeard" or "Bushy". Kevin Pavlich recalls that Miles Lewis started with the company on the same day that Kevin arrived in Weipa on 21MAY65.


Although previously listed here as D. Bagot, the report into the crash of Viscount VH-RMI near Winton on 22SEP66 records that one Harold Stewart Bagot of Liverpool Road, Enfield, NSW lost his life in the crash.


Don Gillies has contacted us to advise that: "I worked for Adastra as my first job after leaving school in 1948. I was the hangar boy for 3 months early in 1949 under Eric Haynes the Chief Engineer. Later I moved to Butler Air Transport where I spent 6 years doing my apprenticeship as an engineer. Having learnt to fly at 16, I became a pilot with Airlines of NSW in 1960 and remained with the company until 1980 when I had a heart attack, finishing as a training captain."

Barrie C. Baker has contacted us to advise that he started with Adastra as an engineer in 1965.
Kym Stucke has advised that her father, Bruce Sellick, passed away on 11MAR05. His years of service have been updated and a biography added. We have also received word that Dean Darcey passed away on 11MAR06.
Leslie Hall has left a message in our Guestbook. "I worked for Hunting Surveys in England as an Electronics Engineer and was sent out to Australia in Nov 1959 to install a Marconi Doppler Navigator in Dakota VH-AGU. After the installation at Mascot, VH-AGU flew to Cairns where we were to carry out an aerial survey of the Great Barrier Reef using the Doppler system for control. We were based mostly in Cairns but spent time at Cooktown, Iron Range and Thursday Island during the survey flying. I finished my part of the work in March 1960 and moved on to Pakistan on a Land Survey contract for Huntings."
A Department of Civil Aviation minute dated 18 November 1968 identifies (favourably!) a T.E. Carrol who had been an Adastra field engineer around the time of the loss of Hudson VH-AGE. Mr Carrol had certified VH-AGE on various occasions and he had voluntarily contacted the DCA to vouch for the company, its aircraft and personnel.
Thanks to some detective work by Kevin Pavlich and contact with the gentleman himself, we have been able to add Alan Baker to the list. The detective work was necessitated by the need to establish that Alan Baker was not the Abe Baker who was already on the list. Complicating matters is the fact that both were field engineers and both served around the same period, although not concurrently as it later turned out. During a recent conversation between Kevin Pavlich and Hal McKinley, it emerged that Abe Baker was a Canadian. Alan Baker confirms that he is not Canadian and was not known as Abe. Hal McKinley has also contributed the name Carl Schroeder to the list.
Tom Carpenter's photo album has yielded the name Tom Cuthbertson (photo) who was a navigator on the Dragonfly in 1946. Thanks to Cay Carpenter for this information.
Added Norm Moggs and D. Barnard (pilot of Anson VH-BKZ on 30MAR52). Added Bob Mitchell, an ex-RAF type who was flying Ansons in 1951. Possibly a duplication of F.R. Mitchell? All were derived from Tom Carpenter's log book and photo album courtesy of Tom's son Cay.
Added Peter Mooney who was a pilot on the Cessna 206 VH-DGD 1972-1974. Contributed by Ian Edgar and confirmed by John Collins.
John Collins has added John Murray, Peter Mayne, Dion Furze and Neil Spencer. Furze and Spencer were with Civil Aerial Surveys and left soon after the Adastra take-over.
John Collins has added Bill Sander and Tony Whybrow and added further detail for Trevor Mallon, Peter Cowan and Hal McKinley.
Update 54 mentions the addition of Tony Wills to the list. Unfortunately, your Webmaster managed to misunderstand Tony's job function which has now been corrected. Apologies Tony.
A document written by Tom Carpenter on 06DEC95 mentions that Bob Bell was an Anson pilot in 1952.
Contact from Tom Carpenter's son, Cay, has highlighted the fact that although Gordon Bigg is mentioned elsewhere on the site, his name does not appear on this list. This has been rectified.
Brian Jelfs advises that Stan Worsfold worked in the Photogrammetry Section. Brian and Stan did ground survey work together in WA.
Kevin Pavlich is confident that Ken Rowlands joined Adastra in February 1957. His entrry has been amended accordingly.
Brian Jelfs, who was a Photogrammetrist from 1957 to 1972, has advised that Bruce Townsend worked in the photographic section from approximately 1965 to 1967. Bruce left the company to become a helicopter pilot with the RAAF and completed two tours in Vietnam. This brings our count to 301.
Kevin Pavlich has been in touch with George Charlwood who advises that Syd Stanford was an apprentice engineer who commenced in 1944, three weeks after George.
We have also been contacted by Tony Wills who joined the company as a navigator/camera operator on Hudson VH-AGX from 20OCT66 to 05NOV66. During this short time, Tony accumulated 17 hrs 25 mins in AGX.
We have been contacted by Chris Rowland who was seconded to Adastra from Hunting Geology and Geophysics in 1972 (along with Derek Minter and Dave Richards) for a survey on the DC-3 VH-AGU. Good to hear from you Chris.
A recent RAC luncheon was attended by Edge Adams who confirms that he was an engineer with Adastra from 1952 until September 1957. Edge has also contributed the names of two hangar engineers from the early fifties, Allen Wood and John Nancarrow. Welcome back into the fold Edge.
This brings our count to 298.
Warren Ide has reminded us that although Vivienne Russell appears in the reunion photo her name was not on this list.
We have been contacted by Graham Edwards and Alan Craigie whose particulars have been added to the list. Thank you Graham and Alan.
We have been contacted by Brian O'Hehir who advises that his years of service were 1972-1976. Thank you Brian.
We have been contacted by Dave Richards who was a geophysicist with Hunting Geology and Geophysics in UK. In 1972, Dave was seconded to Adastra for a uranium exploration project in the Kimberleys for AGIP on DC-3 VH-AGU.
Wal Bowles and Dave Bland have both reminded us that engineer "Skeeter" Clayton was not on the list. Can any reader remember his given name?
Thanks to Warren Ide, there are three additions to the list, Peter Doig, Trevor Elliot and Frank Fitzpatrick. Warren has also provided service dates for Jan Cumberland, Bob McHarg, Brian Jelfs, Darryl Clark and John Vinks. Please keep them coming Warren!
Thanks to Colin Lock we have been able to add first names and years of service for George Charlwood.
Wal Bowles has prompted us to add two names to the list, Bill Henderson and Brian Rhodes, navigator and camera operator respectively.
Warren Ide has contacted us with no fewer than 16 additions to the list. These additions are: Jan Cumberland, Lyn Bartlett, Denise Everingham, Lyn McDermott, Mavis Lenon, Ken Willis, Goldie Predevic, Lyn Abbott, Len Brock, Brian Jelfs, Robert McHarg, Joe Mills, Brian O'Hehir, John Vinks, Ken Merrill and Gwen the tea lady (can anyone remember her other name?) Warren has also identified Len Brock and Jan Cumberland in the reunion photo. He has also provided years of service for himself and his wife Madeline (nee Bennett) and spelling corrections to Ron Abbott and Joe Constentino. Thank you Warren for this outstanding contribution.

It will be noted that with this update, I have added another column to this table. This will enable us to keep a running tally of the number of people on the list.
Ken Richards advises that we should add Peter Mayman to the list. Peter was a technician with Adastra Hunting Geophysics and worked with Ken on the Tasmanian project with the Sycamore.
We have also added Alan Brierley Smith to the list following correspondence from his son Terry.
Ken Richards advises that Harry Hancock married Kath Howarth from the office. The latter has been added to the list as has Steve Halloran. Also added Bill Bray, an Airlines of NSW pilot who did one tour to Gove on DC-3 VH-AGU at the request of Alex Garriock. Information from Bill Bray himself.
We have been contacted by John Wilson who advises that he was employed in the Photographic Department from 1965 until 1976. John has also identified Darryl Clark #17 in the 1979 reunion photo and his name has also been added to this list.
Ansett historian Gil White, advises that the following were pilots for Adastra in the early airline days. All have been tentatively shown as serving in the 1930s. Clarke (first names unknown), Hank G. Henry, Len Lymath, F.R. Mitchell and J.R. Whitford.
Thanks to Jan Ferguson we have been able to add Walter Lynam and Judy Schneider to the list. Bob Cozens has contributed Bob Wilson. The spelling of Joyce Owen's name has been corrected from Owens to Owen. We have also set things right by recording Mike Wood's service from 1955 to 1975. Twenty years service should not go unrecorded!
We have created a new page titled "Where Are They Now?", a link to which appears at the head of this page. This new page is intended as a repository for biographical information which may be too detailed for this page but insufficient for a dedicated biography page. Where such information is available, the small question mark button will appear beside the person's name in the above listing.
Bob Cozens has provided a first name for Eric Murphy and licence numbers for Eric and himself.
Ted McKenzie advises that the pilot previously listed as Bob Gordon was in fact Leon Gordon. The original reference to Bob Gordon came from Jim Sinclair's book "Balus I" pp. 175-6.
We have been contacted by Pauline Cusack who advises that her parents met during their time with Adastra. Her father, Ken Richards, married Imelda Russell. This fact was recorded previously in the Photo Album pages but not on this list.
Joe Tidey has contributed the name Ted Roberts who appears in his log book from the December 1956 job in Cloncurry.
John Bertles has reminded us that his wife Glenis (nee Holland) should be on the list.
Ted McKenzie has supplied several corrections:
Bob Gordon was actually known to Ted as Leon Gordon.
Jack Tierney was with Adastra pre 1955 in the processing area until seconded to the Prince.
Ted McKenzie joined in 1955 not 1958 as previously shown.
Ken Snell has provided his years of service.
We are advised by Pat Gregory's daughter Linda, that her mother passed away in Emerald on 27th April 2004. See entry from Linda Drake in the Guestbook.
There have been an astonishing forty-two (42!) additions to the list thanks to research by Ken Snell, Bill Hohnen, Patricia Jones, Jan Ferguson, John Bertles and Joe Tidey. This massive input was co-ordinated by Kevin Pavlich. As most of these additions were office staff it is particularly pleasing to be able to add them to the list.

Abbot, Ron Curry, Kath Kirkness, Ken Tarlton, Elaine
Annabel, Gordon Davies, Mike Mickavic, Boris Taylor, Gordon
Bennett, Madeline Deagan, Brian Montgomery, Robert Thompson, Sue
Booth, Dorothy Fuller, Zandra Owens, Joyce Urquhart, David
Boughton, Rick Ferguson, Jan Patterson, Ray Wakker, John
Boxner, Dennis Frewin, Jan Pearce, Joan Walsh, Rob
Baker, Robyn Gosher, John Pearce, Rene Wandrak, Frank
Chambers, Mona Hancock, Harry Rznecheck, Edmond Warham, Yvonne
Clark, Geoff Herbst, Ernie Schneider, Marie Williams, Robyn
Connor, Kevin Killingsworth, Bob Stoudson, Dennis .
Constentsno, Joe King, Bonnie Strahan, Alister .

We have also corrected the spelling of Mick McGee's name and added detail to Ken Snell's entry. The entry for Evelyn Follett has been amended to show her as a director of the company from 1930 until 1973. This would presumably make her Adastra's longest serving employee. (Source: "From Bullocks to Boeings")
Recent contact from Allen Windross has enabled us to correct the spelling of Allen's name and add a couple of new names to the list. Allen tells us that he resigned from Adastra in 1965 to join the NSW TAB with whom he rose to the position of CEO. Additions supplied by Allen are Gordon Stock and Ron Le Compte, both of whom worked in the Photo Lab. Ron Le Compte was Ken Snell's brother-in-law and he served for a number of years around 1960. Thank you Allen.
We have been contacted by Dave Bland who advises that he served from April 1966 to July 1968. Dave has also advised us to add Helmut Esser who was an engineer in 1966. Thanks Dave!
Mike John has left a message in our guestbook with several personnel updates. He informs us that John Collins was still flying during his time with the company so John Collins' years of service have been amended to read 1960-1975. Mike has also advised us to add John Ellerton who came over from Civils. Gordon Yorke was an ex-Qantas pilot who succeeded Mike Wood as Operations Manager. Mike John also advises that he flew with Paul Johnson in the C206 in Canberra early in 1975 but he believes that Paul Johnson was killed in an air crash in PNG around 1976.
Added the details of Jack Howard's demise. Information supplied by Geoff Goodall.
Added Roger Young, Abe Baker and Jim Grandison's first name thanks to Rob Marty. Also added Alex Garriock thanks to Bill Mitchell and Maurie Miller.
Added Rob Marty's years of service. Rob advises that his original request to add Ian Douglas Hamilton was in error so this name has been deleted from the list.
Added Dennis Heussner thanks to Maurie Miller. We have been contacted by Dave Aitchison so we have been able to add his first name and years of service. Spelling of Dennis Heussner's name updated by Doug Morrison 19DEC03.
Added Niels Kofahl who served from 1966 to 1967 as an electronics engineer on Hudsons, DC-3 and Aero Commander. Niels installed the survey equipment in Hudson VH-AGE and returned to Sydney the week before the crash at Tennant Creek. Niels' son found the website and suggested that he contact Kevin.
Doug Morrison has suggested that we include three Hunting staff who came out with the Prince and stayed on for a while, almost certainly on the Adastra payroll. Accordingly, we have added Bob Keeling, Derek Middleton and Al Palmer.
An Adastra summary of contracts for the period November 1965 to March 1966 (supplied by Bill Mitchell) has yielded the following additions:
Predmestin, Dave Barry, Aitchison, Lewis, Williams, Bringolf, Blown and Mallon.
An Adastra summary of contracts for November 1967 (supplied by Conrad Wenham) has yielded the following additions:
Yeo, Barth, Kirby, James, Grandison and Wicks.
These documents have also enabled some minor corrections to previously listed personnel.
Where first names are missing it means that we do not have them.
An Adastra News-Sheet dated 24th September 1965 refers to the resignation of Bevin Jubow who has now been added to the list.
Brian Smith has contacted us via the Guestbook which has enabled us to complete his previously sketchy entry on the list.
Brian has also advised us that Peter Kerr was an apprentice in the hangar at Mascot and later became a pilot with TAA.
Bill Mitchell advises that his late friend Ernie Keeling was an engineer with Adastra prior to joining Qantas.
Added Ian Douglas Hamilton thanks to Bob Marty. (Since deleted on advice from Bob Marty as added in error).
Added Neil McInnes and Maurie O'Donnell thanks to Bob Cozens.
Kevin Pavlich has added Jeanette Pearson who worked in the office and married Bob Love.
Added Bob Gordon and Dick Glassey, both of whom are mentioned in Jim Sinclair's book "Balus" (Vol 1).
Added Mr Beverley Shepherd who was flying the Fox Moth in 1936 as recorded in "Flypast" by Parnell and Boughton p.123.
Added Ray Ryan who contacted us via the website. Ray is currently cabin crew with Qantas, having been with the company since 1974.
Added Graham Nosworthy who also contacted us via the website. This enabled us to correct Graham's father's name from Clive to Clyde. Apologies Graham!
Added Licence Numbers for the following engineers:
Jack McDonald, Alan Cattanach, Des Hardy, Alf Thompson, Jim Hilferty, Owen Smith & Edge Adams. (all derived from engine log books).
Added Allan Walker who contacted us via the Guestbook.
Added N.E. Farmer (spelling?) derived from engine log book.
Added Brian Lees and Nev Williams thanks to Peter Shute.
Added first names for Alan Windross, Barry Howe and Madge Morrell. (all from Mike Wood).
Added the following:
Gurr - first name is Tom (from Mike Wood)
Gibbons - first name is Clive (from Bill Mitchell)
David Bland, Brian Lenon, John Bertles and Mira Melzig (all from Doug Morrison)
Patricia Jones, Kath Curry and Sylvia Kilsby (all from Patricia Jones)
Corrected the spelling of Allan Motteram's name as advised by Kevin Pavlich. It's Allen. Refer Issue #75.
Added Roger Knight thanks to Brian Costello.
Added Gordon Nettleship and Bob Cozens, thanks to Ted McKenzie and Kevin Pavlich respectively.
Added Phil Smith, Bob Bleazby, Jock Head, Peter Cowan, Ian MacNeill and Mike John. All listed on an Aircraft and Crew Movements roster dated 24APR74.
Added John Batho (contributed by David Vincent).
Amended spelling of Alf Thompson's name (from Thomson). Deduced from his signature in a log book.
Added G.C. Yorke, Operations Manager in a letter to Alex Whitworth dated 17DEC74.
An undated (but post EWA) Adastra sales brochure supplied by Mike Wood features a photo of the opening of the Sydney Opera House on the front cover. This dates the brochure as post October 1973. This brochure lists company officers, together with several amendments in sticker form. Entries for the following have been adjusted accordingly:
Pares, Howe, Murray, Gurr, Lyons, Chinner.
Added Peter Payens, Norm Rodoni (p.7) Nev Bruckhausen (p.10) Dick Moase (p.10) See Note 5.
Added R. Reid, L. Taylor. See Note 6.
Added G. Charlwood, K. Stone, E. Murphy, M. Sasin. See Note 7.
Added Notes 8 & 9.
Added Derek Minter. (Source: Derek Minter)
Added/corrected first names for Clive Nosworthy and Jim Page. Thanks to Geoff Linfoot.
Added Tom Carpenter, Peter Hooker, Tim Barrel, Christine Collis, Max Helliwell, Frank Hushon Brown, Harry Morrel, Tim Page and Danny Toland, all thanks to Kevin Pavlich.

Added Eric Haynes, Joe Tidey, Tom Antrobus, Barry Davis, George Duncan, Mr Nosworthy, Phill Stevens, Ken Stredwick, Alf Thomson and Barry Tutungi, all thanks to Jim Hilferty.
Added Bill Kellaway, Ken Richards and Trevor Sheffield
, all thanks to Maurie Miller.

Also I have been contacted by Philip van Gelderen who advises that his wife, then Meg Goss, also worked for Adastra.
Added Anderson G., Adams E., Chambers B., Gow B., Hay L., Hohnen B., Ide W., Mee V., Mohr C., Nelson R., Sawtell S., Snell K., Thomson S., Wilson S.
Deleted Middleton, Payens & Rowe. Although mentioned in telegrams were not Adastra staff. Later reinstated Payens as he was Adastra staff.
All from Kevin Pavlich.
Added John McCarthy, Miss Morrell, Ken Seaman, Jack Tanner, Evelyn Follett and Jack Kenny. See Note 4.
Added Messenger and Liardet thanks to Bruce Beale.
Added titles for Schneider and Townsend, added details for Bruce Gregory and added Pat Gregory, all derived from Issue #10 of "Australian Aerial Survey Review" dated August 1965. This same newsletter also refers to one of Lionel van Praag's sons being a Camera Operator. What was his name?
Added Costello, Dunn, Shute and Ollssen. (Featured in May 1970 "Australian Flying" magazine).
Added several names thanks to Alex Whitworth.
Original Issue.



If you have any additions or corrections, please contact Ron